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Business Creation - From the idea to the business plan of a start-up

by Agire Admin

A tutti gli aspiranti imprenditori!

5 giorni di formazione, incontri, testimonianze e lavori di gruppo per sviluppare una visione imprenditoriale e trasformarla in un...

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Upcoming Events

Training Day 2015

7-8 May 2015

For the first time in Ticino, will take place Training Day 2015. TD15 is one of the events of national level of JCI Swiss. A weekend dedicated to training and to the entertainment/fun, by offering training in 4 languages in the location of the USI of Lugano on: new technologies, wine tasting, time management, motivation, etc. In addition of that, there will be two beautiful evenings: Friday at the Castle of Bellinzona and Saturday at the Lido of Lugano.

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